Tong Bing Yu interview – video

[ENG SUB] 浮夸情报站采访 Interview from The Grandiloquent Information Station

An interview of two main actors in SCI Mystery, given by The Grandiloquent Information. We'll also put some clips behind the ...

Find out what actress, Tong Bing Yu, dislike about Christmas


Tong Bing Yu for Hai-O's Medicated Liquor Commercial

Click This. EMAIL For business/talent ...

SCI谜案集SCI mystery cases-白展特辑花絮经典合集Behind the scenes: Bai/Zhan collection(Eng. Subtitle)

English subtitle added. Some of the jokes might be difficult to understand, if so just add questions into the comments.

Beyond Words

Their show is called Beyond Words, so we made Paige Chua, Terence Cao, Tong Bing Yu and Jayley Woo play a game without ...

Emcee Queen - Merz Aesthetic Press Conference, Interview with Chris Tong

Meet Chris Tong Bing Yu童冰玉 the renowned Malaysia and Singapore celebrity together with Dr. Lim, who is an expert from the ...

Tong Bing Yu Intro Video

Video played on event @ Imperial garden @ PJ in Selangor.

Tong Bing Yu (童冰玉), Kim Tae Hee & BONIA Pavilion 2017

KIM TAE HEE & BONIA PAVILION ELITE 2017 Extravaganza videos: ...

96°C Cafe - Tay Ping Hui Interview

30 Nov 2012 Tay Ping Hui has to accommodate Chris Tong Bing Yu during filming 郑斌辉在拍戏时需牵就童冰玉? from xinmsn.

C.L.I.F - Interview with Tay Ping Hui

6 Jan 2011 Ping Hui is looking forward to see Bing Yu in action as a policewoman! 斌辉非常期待冰玉演一名非常有动感的警察!

SISTERS - FDF Skincare. Chris Tong Bing Yu , International famous actor.

艺人的工作行程繁忙,而趁着拍戏空挡回马的童冰玉Tong Bing Yu特别抽空到La Fleur Café X Uniqorn咖啡厅享受美好的下午茶时光, ...

REVEALED! 15 Chinese Actresses Without Their Makeup! | Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi & more!

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