Taylar Hender interview – video

Taylar Hender's Interview

Taylar Hender was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions about her acting, her acting projects, and some fun ...

Taylar Hender Talks "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer!"

CelebSecrets4U and CelebSecrets4U.com talk "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer" with Taylar Hender at Dream ...

G Hannelius and Taylar Hender talk Halloween

We caught up with real life besties G. Hannelius and Taylar Hender to find out what their plans were for Halloween this year.

G Hannelius and Taylar Hender share their favorite holiday movies

Taylar Hender and G Hannelius share their favorite holiday movies with HTZ.

G Hannelius and Taylar Hender's favorite holiday traditions

Good friends and holidays go together well as G Hannelius and Taylar Hender share their favorite holiday traditions with ...

G. Hannelius & Taylar Hender Tribute - Exclusive pics included

I do not own any copyrights...This tween power duo of G. Hannelius and Taylar Hender met on the set of the original Disney ...

Taylar Hender - Dream Magazine

Taylar talks to us at the Dream Magazine event about her summer plans, dream place to visit, and her new movie: Judy Moody!

G Hannelius and Taylar Hender "Teenage Dream" Music Video

Hey guys! Here is our new Teenage Dream by Katy Perry music video! We are so excited for you guys to finally see it!! Enjoy! xoxo ...

Monty and Taylar Hender at 2011 Kid's Choice Awards

Monty the http://www.sqwishland.com frog hangs out with Taylar Hender at the 2011 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

Project X's Brady Hender Interview with Wzra Tv

We talked with Project X's Brady Hender! See what he had to say about the movie, the audition process, seeing himself on the big ...

Taylar Hender Shoutouts

There were two more shoutouts, but I can't find them. Oh and yeah I put the bit with her talking about the hunger games.

Taylar Hender // Achy Breaky Heart

round contest videoo theme: 90's songg oh and this is my first attempt at making a coloring -_- no copyright intended. "Copyright ...

Taylar Hender {Happy Birthday Leah}

Just a video for saying happy birthday to the amazing Leah.

Taylar Hender and G. Hannelius - "1234"

I made this video of G. Hannelius and Taylar Hender :) Its not very good though because there are like noo pictures of them ...

Taylar Hender-Runaway Love...♥

I love this song! Its my FAV!!! I just fet like posting this one..I been working on this one for about 1 week..I could never find it! Here it ...

Taylar Hender is a sweet as strawberry bubble gum..♥

Another Taylar Hender video ;D Worked hard on this one! :)

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