Sumire Uesaka interview – video

Uesaka Sumire Creeped Out by Fan Letter

just a short video of Sumipe with Hayami Saori and Uchida Maaya for Sumipe birthday on 19th Dec.

Uchida Maaya explains "stealing" incident at Anisama

Happy Birthday Uchida Maaya! Sorry that the chinese subs are there, i couldnt cover them up completely.Hope it doesnt affect the ...

Teach Me, Inori-Sensei![Eng Sub]

Happy birthday to the 22 year old MInase Inori! blue- MInase Inori red- Aimi green- Izumi Kitta I really enjoy watching the stage ...

[Eng Sub] When Uesaka Sumire said something that baffled Sugita Tomokazu

SO GE KI Full episode: Ending ...

[Eng Sub] Sugita Tomokazu is weak against proactive women and a romantic

Our boy Sugita on the receiving end. It´s a livestream for the Anime Battle Girl High School.

Sugita Tomokazu teasing Uesaka Sumire on Lady Go!! #143 (2014-06-23) [greduan Subs]

Source: Episode #143 of Lady Go!!, broadcast date of 2014-06-23 I believe.

NHK Newsline - Behind the Voice

The only Russian-born seiyuu, Jenya, is featured in NHK Newsline. Uesaka Sumire makes a small appearance too.

「キャロル&チューズデイ」Story of Miracle Vol.2

TVアニメ「キャロル&チューズデイ」 その制作の舞台裏に密着したドキュメンタリー映像。 貴重なアニメーション制作現場や楽曲のレコーディン...

[Mahouka Koukou] Nakamura Yuuichi try to make Hayami Saori says indecent lines [Eng sub]

Date broadcast: 31 May 2017 around Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei's movie release. Seiyuu cast: Nakamura Yuuichi(Tatsuya), Hayami ...


Just a short clip of Sugita Hanakana combi. Enjoy. Sorry for the long time without videos. I´m stuck in VTuber hell D: Full video Inu ...

[MMF-HSKK] Trip to Hakone with Pe-san [Eng Sub]

cross-talk Melody Flag and Heart wo Sukereba Kawaii karou Radio 2 time fun with both side this eps is hot.

[Eng Sub] SM Judgment Forum! Is Natto S or M? (Inu X Boku Event)

At the Inu X Boku Event the important questions are asked.

[Eng Sub] Hanazawa Kana tells you how to gain sex appeal

HanaKana with a more or less useful advice how to gain sex appeal. Ending ...


声優の上坂すみれちゃんが『オーディナルストラータ』のPRで遊びに来てくれました! せっかく来てくれたので、前からやってみたかった「アレ...

Sugita Tomokazu in Hayami Saori's radio

Edy: Warsman AKA Sugita visits Hayami Saori in her radio! Original video: ...

[ENG SUBS] Sugita enjoys Amamiya's and Kuno's aggressiveness and Tsuda Kenjirou's transformation

Please feel free to comment on any incorrect translations! Here's another portion from the event, I hope you enjoy. Thank you very ...

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