Rebecca Ritters interview – video

Rebecca Ritters 06 Neighbours 3083

Hannah is a "bit of spare" until her "spunk" asks her to the school dance.

Genre Hopping with Chris Thile

Mandolinist Chris Thile explores the pliable differences between traditional and contemporary music styles, performance, and ...

Jenna Elfman Watched Her Husband Make Out With Other Women - CONAN on TBS

Jenna wasn't supposed to see her husband Bodhi Elfman's love scene, but she and a video camera somehow make it on set. More ...

A Bag of Hammers Red Carpet with Jason Ritter and Rebecca Hall

A Bag of Hammers premiered at SXSW 2011 and Lost In Reviews was on the red carpet to talk to the cast and crew about the film.

Talk with Chocolate Manufacturer Alfred Ritter | Talking Germany

Alfred Ritter heads Germany's second biggest chocolate company, especially known for its Ritter Sport brand.

Kate Micucci's Romantic Beach Date With Conan O'Brien - CONAN on TBS

Kate Micucci and Conan used to date, unbeknownst to him.

Elisha Cuthbert's Sky High Tom Selleck Encounter - CONAN on TBS

Which is more awkward for Elisha: having "Happy Endings" air on her flight or Tom Selleck watching her sleep? More CONAN ...

Darren Criss Got a Pedicure at Ricky Martin's House

Darren talks about 'Glee,' getting his start with A Very Potter Musical, growing up around Filipino food, his new mini-series the ...

Neighbours - Marnie Reece-Wilmore as Debbie Martin 1

Vote for the Sexiest British Soap Characters Login with Facebook at ...

If You Only Knew: Jason Ritter

'Kevin (Probably)' star Jason Ritter talks strange fan encounters, dream co-stars, and the perks of being a celebrity in a game of 'If ...

Kaitlin Olson Accidentally Seduced A Woman - CONAN on TBS

Kaitlin was excited to make a new friend, but went a little overboard with a fireside feast. More CONAN @ ...

Elisha Cuthbert Stares Down Airplane Pudding Slurper - CONAN on TBS

Elisha Cuthbert implores you, if you must eat pudding on a plane, use a spoon.

Postpartum Depression | Amy Davidson | MichaelLA |

Amy Davidson speaking about postpartum depression with MichaelLA.

Brooke Satchwell Jeans Shorts

Brooke Satchwell Jeans Shorts.

Jason Ritter & Eric Edelstein on Good Dick Pt.1 of 4

Jason Ritter & Eric Edelstein on Good Dick Pt.1 of 4.

Sometimes, Katey Sagal Autographs Parole Cards - CONAN on TBS

Who would've thought that "Sons of Anarchy" would have a big prison fanbase? More CONAN @

Ashley Greene Gets Bizarro "Twilight" Fan Requests - CONAN on TBS

Ashley Greene's most common "Twilight" fan plea? "Can you get Robert Pattinson to bite me?" More CONAN ...

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