Najarra Townsend interview – video

"Dreams Awake" - Najarra Townsend Interview

Interview with support actress Najarra Townsend (Sofie) in the recently released mystical drama "Dreams Awake"

Najarra Townsend Interview

Najarra Townsend- Actor-

Najarra Townsend is a spectacular and stars in the new film Mercury in Retrograde. Watch her interview with

Director Eric England & Lead Najarra Townsend discuss "Contracted" Sexually transmitted diseases and zombies come together in Eric England's horror flick, ...

Najarra Townsend Interview WHAT NOW World Premiere Red Carpet

Subscribe! Exclusive interview with actress Najarra Townsend at the special screening red carpet premiere of ...

Najarra Townsend Exclusive Interview - WOLF MOTHER (2016) Thriller Movie HD

Najarra Townsend Exclusive Interview - WOLF MOTHER (2016) Thriller Movie HD Rent WOLF MOTHER exclusively ...

SDCC 2017 - Najarra Townsend

The Geek Speak Show's own talented young actress (Lex Paton) talks to another talented young actress (Najarra Townsend) ...

Najarra Townsend - Midsummer Scream 2016

Midsummer Scream 2016 in Long Beach, CA. IdeateTV host Amanda Isaacson interviews actress Najarra Townsend. Najarra ...

Flick Connection Podcast #30 w/ Najarra Townsend (Contracted, Wolf Mother, The Stylist)

Najarra Townsend is an actress most known for her roles in Contracted, Contracted: Phase 2, and Wolf Mother but she's been ...

DEMENTIA PART II - Arrow Video Frightfest 2018 Interviews

Ex-convict turned handyman gets more than he bargained for when he attends to the house of an elderly lady with dementia.

Najarra Townsend New Reel

New demo reel for actress Najarra Townsend.

A Good Baby (excerpt from the play "Beauty, Brains, and Personality")

This is the story of three women whose friendship is rocked when one declares, "Together we make up the perfect woman: you're ...

Najarra Townsend Demo

The demo reel for rising young actress Najarra Townsend.

Najarra Townsend outside Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood

ACTORS & MUSICIANS. Do you want more exposure. Check out services at PLEASE FOLLOW ...

Najarra Townsend's TOP 10 FILMS (2017) |

Season 3 (2017) judge Najarra Townsend (Contracted, The Stylist) weighed in her TOP 10 VOTES!

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