Maegann Sloan interview – video

Maegann Sloan and Maggie Lindemann Interview with John Panichella

I recently sat down with Maegann Sloan and Maggie Lindemann and discussed favorite holiday gifts, New Year's festivities, and ...

Carters Breakup Younow

If you didn't Knwo Carter & Maggie broke up. Carter posted a Younow Explaining things. :)

Alvin Sloan Interview

The following is a final interview with Alvin Sloan, the original owner of the Washington Theater in Washington, New Jersey.

Fly Away Hero Interview at Pre-Brave Fest

Hey guys, the interview I have been waiting to do for quite a while! Here it is, all of Fly Away Hero! ...

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson Interview with Lipgloss Dance and Pickup Lines at INTour LA

Hey guys, here's a super fun interview with Jack and Jack! Watch for music updates, the Lipgloss dance, pick up lines, and jokes!

Sammy Wilk Interview with John Panichella/Jay Swag TV

Hey everyone! Here is my interview with Sam Wilkinson (Sammy Wilk) at his casting call for his music video with Reality Dance!

Model and Personal Trainer Marcus Rojas Interview Thanks so much for metting up, Marcus! Everyone follow him on instagram too @marcusrojas.

Chris Collins aka WeeklyChris Interview at Cyberstar LA

I had the lovely opportunity to interview Chris Collins also known as Weekly Chris at Cyberstar Los Angeles! We talked about his ...

Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Red Carpet Interviews

We sent Kevin to the Red Carpet Premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine 2! Check out his interviews (and his mustache.) SUBSCRIBE ...

Carter Reynolds Interview with Music and Vine Updates at INTour LA

So good to see Carter again!

Sean and Adam Lusk Talk Bravefest and Fan Questions Interview

Get tickets to Brave Fest here!

Maggie Lindemann Knocking On Your Heart Charted in 13 Countries in 1 Hour

Singer, songwriter and internet star Maggie Lindemann's 1st single "Knocking On Your Heart" hit iTunes Top 20 in 1 day.

Zac y Maggie

14th JUNY 14.

Will Jay Interview Plus Fan Questions

Here is my interview with Will Jay, stay tuned for everything he is working on! Follow me ...

Lia Marie Johnson and Joey Gatto Interview

Hilarious interview with internet sensations Lia and Joey!

JC Caylen Talks about #KianandJc World Tour at Brave Fest Hollywood

Hey guys! Keep up with future Brave Fests at

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