Kylie Laduca interview – video

Kylie LaDuca~Superstar [Pictures]

3rd Video, or sort of slide show really. Kylie is so gorgeous, and I loved her Toddlers And Tiaras episode. Go Kylie! :)

MultiChild Stars//Too Young (Finished Collab)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this collab! I think all the parts look so good and I'm really happy with the ...

marusya knekov-kid model

marusya knekov photo shoots! please like and subscribe! thanks 4 watching bye!

Kylie Del Rey-American

Kylie Del Rey! 6 year old beauty! Loves singing,dancing,acting and modeling!

Richard LaDuca of Genencor at World Congress 2010

Genencor Senior Director Richard LaDuca discusses his company and its latest product at this year's World Congress on ...

Where Are The Stars Of Toddlers & Tiaras Now

If you're new, Subscribe! → Toddlers & Tiaras was once one of TLC's most popular shows and ...

Kylie practicing her Jazz routine

Here is Kylie practicing her new dance!

Who is your favorite pageant girl?

Comment down below telling me your favorite pageant girl! video featuring Taralyn Eschberger, Brooklyn Jarvis, Kylie LaDuca, ...

Top 5 Pagaent Girlies:// ELECTRICITY

These are my TOP FIVE pagaent girls that really stand out. My favorite overall would have to be Jayla. Shes AMAZING!

Too Young Child Stars Collab (CLOSED)

Since my last collab went really well, I decided to host another one! This one is going to be all child stars. The kid you pick must be ...

Kylie & MacKenzie :: Collab Parts

Kylie LaDuca - Pageant Kids Collab - One Step At A Time MacKenzie Foy- Child Models Collab - You're the Reason Both for ...

Concour demini miss

Pour s'inscrit abonner vous a ma chaîne.

[Child Models] Imaginary Superstar [Collab]

DONT OWN ANYTHING Well, for those of you who knew anything about this's taken about 3 months to finish? Maybe ...

Toddlers and Tiaras, Alaska Mathews (Born This Way)

Alaska is sooo beautiful, and she was definetly born that way! I own no content.

Toddlers and Tiaras Pictures

Sorry its really short! Starring Makenzie Myers Cassidy Blair and EDEN WOOD.

Bella and Elisa 001

Bella and Elisa, playing in their foster home while waiting for their forever homes.

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