Kari Whitman interview – video

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 2

Jessica Alba stops by during the kitchen renovation; Kari comes to the aid of a lost dog while shopping; Kari gets a house call from ...

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 8

The first season concludes with the completion of Kristen Bell's dog yard and Kari going shopping with her own dogs. IN THIS ...

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 3

Virginia Madsen wants a Hawaiian-themed living room, so Kari hunts down Polynesian items, but has trouble arriving at her ...

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 7

Kristen Bell wants a dog-friendly backyard playground, and Kari is the perfect designer for the project. Later, Kari helps out with ...

Kristen Bell - Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman

Kristen Bell asks Kari Whitman to renovate her backyard to make it more friendly for her dogs.

Pre-Oscar Party - Josh Tickell, Kari Whitman and Gavin Rossdale

We heard from Josh Tickell about his movie, Fuel, and his partnership with Global Green to drive a veggie-fueled school bus on ...

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 5

Kurtwood Smith hires Kari to design a romantic bathroom; Kari submits a bid to work on Mario Lopez's lavish living room. IN THIS ...

Kari Whitman on hiring employees

Kari Whitman came to Denver to talk to interior Designers about growing their business. Here she talked about hiring employees.

Kari Whitman - Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue Kari Whitman, Founder Petco Adoption Day in West Hollywood.

Designer to the Stars - Season 1 Episode 6

Kurtwood Smith's bathroom is almost finished, but a misunderstanding with the workers jeopardizes the project. Meanwhile, Kari ...

Kari Whitman’s Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

http://www.DoggieDiscussions.Com/ Chubby Dog Flies First Class.

Kari Whitman

www.kariwhitmaninteriors.com www.greenerpup.com.

Zaid and Berbere Imports on Kari Whitman Show

One of my best designers was kind enough to once again bring in a camera crew and put us on tv.

Hollywood Green with Kari Whitman and Jessica Alba

Maria Menounos interviews designer Kari Whitman, who helped design jessica's green home.

Hollywood Green w/ Kari Whitman and Jessica Alba

Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos Interview with Kari Whitman.

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