Karen Maruyama interview – video

Karen Maruyama interviews at The Campaign premiere

A couple interviews of our lovely Karen Maruyama that I stole from other videos and edited together, cause I'm evil like that! ;)

The many characters in Karen Maruyama's life

Karen Maruyama has taught comic superstars like Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy, appeared in dozens of sitcoms and is ...

Karen Maruyama Becomes a Degenerate Gambler

Karne Maruyama gets sucked into a world of bookies, shady bets, and parking lot transactions. This story may not be true.

Karen Maruyama on Whose Line: Weird Newscasters

Karen plays a frisky granny with a crush on Colin in episode 231.

Karen Maruyama on the Jamie Foxx Show 4

Clips from the episode "Musical chairs"

Karen Maruyama on the Jamie Foxx Show 2

clips from the episode "Get up, Stand up"

Karen Maruyama on How Do I Look?

Been looking for this a long time. Karen models some new clothing her friends picked out on this fashion reality show.

Karen Maruyama on Wanda at Large

clips from various episodes.

Karen Maruyama on Odd Birds

Clips from the movie "Odd Birds" of a much younger Karen Maruyama, playing the cousin of the main character.

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Karen Maruyama on Columbo

Clip from "Columbo Likes the Nightlife"

Karen Maruyama on the Jamie Foxx Show 1

clips from the episode "Why Don't We Just Roll"


Sitcom spoof - after her fall from power, Imelda Marcos plays a maid. Sketch from the series ON THE TELEVISION. Starring ...

Karen Maruyama on the Jamie Foxx Show 6

Clips from the episode "Bachelor Party"

Karen Maruyama in Nip/tuck

Karen Maruyama plays the shady Madame Rose in an episode of Nip/tuck.

Karen Maruyama on Cory in the House

Clip of Karen Maruyama playing a mother hosting her daughter's birthday party, from the episode "Making the Braid"

Coincidence - Groundlings Sunday Company

Groundlings Seven Deadly Sundays Closing Written by: Emily Pendergast and Jess Pohly Directed by: Karen Maruyama.

The Weekly Show -Why Watch?

The Weekly Show - pilot premier August 25 / Tuesday 11pm eastern - 8pm pacific on TV One. THE WEEKLY SHOW is a funny ...

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