Eleanor Boardman interview – video

Eleanor Boardman an American Film Actress

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Hollywood - Ep 1 : The Pioneers

The opening episode of this epic, landmark series belies the commonly held misconception that silent films are crudely-made ...

Push Back the Walls Visual Sound Jeff Porcaro Steve Lukather

Jeff Porcaro Drums Scotty Page Sax Steve Lukather Guitar Tony McShear Keys Vocals Bob Glaub Bass Kal David Guitar Billy ...

Hollywood - Ep 10 : The Man with a Megaphone

Directors are put in the spotlight in this episode. Some often overlooked directors such as John Collins, Marshall Neilan, and Rex ...

Movie Legends - Eleanor Boardman (Reprise)

Popular film actress of the silent era who retired in 1935.

Movie Legends - Eleanor Boardman

Popular actress of the silent era known for her outstanding portrayal in Vidor's 'The Crowd' (1928).

Eleanor Boardman - Early life and career

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C. Eleanor Christopher, civilian during World War Two

C. Eleanor Christopher World War, 1939-1945 Interviewed by Mike Gridley for the Baldwinsville Messenger and the Baldwinsville ...


Hi, So I hope this answers the questions about why I left the GB Junior Academy, apologies for me being emotional it is just still ...

Three Reasons: The Crowd

The Crowd (1928) Directed by King Vidor Starring Eleanor Boardman, James Murray and Bert Roach.

Tell It To The Marines (Preview Clip)

Tell It To The Marines: http://bit.ly/IlsqIT "Lon Chaney is superb" (Leonard Maltin) as the hard-boiled sergeant with a heart of gold ...

Tribute to Carmel Myers: Orchids in the Moonlight

Carmel Myers (April 4, 1899 -- November 9, 1980) was an American actress who worked chiefly in silent movies. Myers was born ...

Roaring 20's Film Stars - The Real 1920's Hair and Fashion Icons

See some of the greatest silent film stars ever, featured on these rare trade cards. I enjoy studying the popular culture of that time.

Managing Passive-Aggressive Behavior in Your Classroom

Do you have a student who steers your classroom off the rails with passive-aggressive behavior? In this interview, Dr. Randy ...

Music Talks: All The Lonely People

Connellsville PA: "All The Lonely People" (Sea 1 Ep 8) All The Lonely People are interviewed and perform live.

The Circle (Preview Clip)

The Circle: http://bit.ly/SrAOwo It's déjà vu all over again in this scandalous comedy about marital infidelity directed by two-time ...

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