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A Tribute to Diana Millay (aka Laura Collins on Dark Shadows)

This is the latest video in my series of Dark Shadows actor & and actress tributes. This time it is the lovely and talented actress, ...

DS 60

Victoria visits Maggie and Sam to have dinner. One of Sam's paintings provides might prove to be a clue to Victoria's past.


Michael Shayne: "Death Selects the Winner" Season 1, Episode 12. Air Date December 20, 1960. Plot - A publicist tries to hire ...

Kaz's World | Dark Shadows | Diana Millay

Laura Radcliff Collins (1966-1967, 1897) Laura Murdock Collins (1897) Ghost of Laura Stockbridge Collins (1897)

DS 190

(1967) Laura meets David at an abandoned fishing shack and tells him that they will leave soon. Joe and Burke search for David.

Dark Shadows Covention 2007

Here is James Hom with the great Diana Millay who played Laura Collins on the fantastic Dark Shadows! The clip is only 20 ...

Rawhide S4E19 Season 4 Episode 19 The Greedy Town - Clint Eastwood

Clad in deepest mourning, a very wealthy woman comes to the small town where her dead son robbed a bank and killed a man.

DS 165

(1967) Dr. Guthrie, Carolyn and Victoria all start to suspect that Laura is the cause of Elizabeth's illness. David goes to the cottage ...

Laura Murdoch the Phoenix

In 1967, Laura Murdoch Collins makes one last attempt to have young David follow her into the flames.

Remembering The Cast From Dark Shadows 1966 part 1

Remembering The Cast From Dark Shadows 1966 part 1 The show aired from 7-27-1966 to 4-2-1971 6 s 1225 s Created by Dan ...

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