Crystal Kay interview – video

Crystal Kay English Interview

Crystal Kay talks a little a bit about being an artist in Japan.

Crystal Kay Candy

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[MUSIC] Crystal Kay独占インタビュー 前編

" ↑チャンネル登録はこちらから! Timeline ...

openning comment english openning comment 13/9.

Crystal Kay - Boyfriend Part II

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Crystal Kay Can't Be Stopped

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Crystal Kay - Kiss pv

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Crystal Kay - Kirakuni

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Crystal Kay - Tears

album Crystal Style.

Crystal Kay - Girlfriend feat. BoA (Live at Tokyo JCB Hall)

2009/11/19 Crystal Kay 10th Anniversary Tour CK10.

CTKT08 parte 1

El Cartoon KAT-TUN 8 Donde sale la linda de Crystal Kay. Ya saben no es mi trabajo... Se les agradece mucho el esfuerzo :D.

Crystal Kay - Motherland

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Crystal Kay あなたのそばに (PV)

Crystal Kay released "Next To You" on May 16th, 2007. It is Kay's third and final single from the album "All Yours" after "Konna ni ...

Crystal Kay-Girl U Love

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