Christina Kashirina interview – video

Toma Loredana (64) 120kg Complex + Heavy Snatches | 2020 Roma World Cup

Not only was this one of my favorite sessions ever to film, but this was also one of my favourite video to make. More Toma ...

Tatiana Kashirina 140/170 + 255kg Back Squat Double | '19 Worlds

Tatiana Kashirina (RUS +87) final heavy training session before the 2019 World Championships. More Videos & Podcasts (Short ...

Training Tips From Jill Mills World's Strongest Woman

SAN ANTONIO -- Can you bench more than 390 pounds? Jill Mills, the world's strongest woman can! Emphasizing the importance ...

Rebeka Koha (53kg, 17y/o) 87kg Snatch 105kg Clean & Jerk 2015 World Weightlifting Championships

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Mary Norton (Moo Roo) - Building an International Fashion Company

Mary Norton is the international fashion designer of the Moo Roo®, Mary Norton® and Frosting® brands which has developed a ...

Weightlifting - Mens 94 Kg - Clean and Jerk Part 2

London 2012 Olympics at Excel Centre.

2017 Worlds Strongest Woman U64kg Atlas Stones Christina Bangma vs Laura Anderson

Stone weights 150 lb, 175 lb, 200 lb, 225 lb, 250 lb, 275 lb Everything Strongman Training Programs ...

10.1994 (М-91,W-70) European Weightlifting to 20 years

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TOMA Loredana Elena 3s 98 kg cat. 58 World Weightlifting Championship 2013

World Weightliting Championship 2013 Чемпионат мира по тяжёлой атлетике 2013 Wrocław, Poland.

Meso Hassona Snatch 180kg

Snatch 180kg (-96)kg Category Subscribe me - Olympic_weightlifters.

Strongest Woman in the World, Tatiana Kashirina Training

Tatiana Kashirina's training the day before she competed in the 2015 Arnold Classic.

Team USA 2015 WWC Training Hall - Lee, Rogers, Cummings, Hernandez (Nov 18) Alex Lee (69), Kathleen Winters (48), Leo Hernandez (77), Mattie Rogers (69), CJ Cummings (69) Store ...

IRAN SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad +105Kg Men World Record [2011 - Paris]

2011 Paris World Weightlifting Championships 105+kg men. SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad +105Kg Men World record 214kg

Ruslan Nurudinov 191kg Snatch 235kg Clean & Jerk 2016 Asian Weightlifting Championships

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Some Rope Work.

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