Barbara Stanwyck interview – video

Barbara Stanwyck Interview, 1947

Barbara Stanwyck Interview, 1947. The American film and television actress is being interviewed on the Queen Elizabeth Liner ...

Shirley Eder tapes - Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford

These tapes consist on two interviews and three phone conversations (recorded without the knowledge of the two actresses) ...

Barbara Stanwyck's Honorary Award: 1982 Oscars

John Travolta presenting Barbara Stanwyck with an Honorary Oscar - 54th Annual Academy Awards®.

Barbara Stanwyck interview: On her directors & sister

For more information on this and other interviews, visit Alan Greenberg speaks to classic film icon ...

Barbara Stanwyck: Straight Down The Line | The Hollywood Collection

Born Ruby Stevens, she was orphaned when she was four. A chance audition led to a chorus job. By 17 she was a Zeigfield Girl.

Documental: Barbara Stanwyck biografía (Biography)

Born Ruby Stevens, she was orphaned when she was four. A chance audition led to a chorus job. By 17 she was a Zeigfield Girl.

Acting lesson from Barbara Stanwyck

"Eyes are the greatest tool in film. Mr. Capra taught me that. Sure, it's nice to say very good dialogue, if you can get it. But great ...

Robert Wagner on his love affair with Barbara Stanwyck - 12.13.08

Robert Wagner was in Palm Springs to promote his new book "Pieces of My Heart". The event was sponsored by Sun-Up Rotary ...

BARBARA STANWYCK Receiving Cecil B. DeMille Award

Barbara Stanwyck receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award Lifetime Achievement Award in January 1986.

Stanwyck: Bloopers

Compilation of YT bloopers to "St. Louis Blues"

Barbara Stanwyck-April 2012 Interview-Dan Callahan's New Biography of Stanwyck-'The Miracle Woman'

Interview with Dan Callahan, Author of New Barbara Stanwyck Biography - 'The Miracle Woman' on Filmweek on Airtalk Podcast ...

Funny Moments With Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck was not given enough credit for how funny she was. Here are some bloopers as well as some scenes of ...

10 Things You Should Know About Barbara Stanwyck

The immortal Barbara Stanwyck was Ruby Catherine Stevens in Brooklyn, New York, on July 16, 1907. For our money, she's the ...

Barbara Stanwyck, Irene Dunne 1956

Barbara Stanwyck . Fred MacMurray. Jeanne Crain. Jack Benny. Irene Dunne.

Linda Evans Pays Tribute to Barbara Stanwyck

Linda Evans talks about how much her "Big Valley" mother meant to her during the AFI Tribute to Barbara Stanwyck that aired in ...

Portrait Barbara Stanwyck

Portrait Barbara Stanwyck.

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